Jan is simply THE BEST. How nice to work with someone who is not only so talented, but is also a pleasure to work with. That's a rare and wonderful combination. 

Andy Mayer, Co-Founder, Becker & Mayer

Years ago Jan took a chance and hired me at his recording studio, despite my appearance and it worked out quite well, and I would urge people to give Jan the same courtesy. However, you won't be sorry.

Andrew Feliciano Owner, Voicetrax West Recording Studio, Los Angeles

Once fought off an enraged grizzly bear by reciting Carole Stone's 'Networking The Art of Making More Friends', chapter 9: 'Ladies Who Do Lunch'. The grizzly bear gave him half a salmon. Jan's voice is that epic. 

Jen Johnston, Professional Rumour Mill, agent @ Red Management

In a room full of funny, talented, creative people, he's the one you want to sit down with.

Becky Bonar, actress, producer, bon vivant

How can you really enjoy a perfect, happy, picturesque, working environment up there???!!!  Come back to L.A.!!!! Misery loves company!

Ginny McSwain, 4 time Emmy award winning animation director, "Transformers", "Fanboy", "Gravity Falls".

No one, not even Newt Gingrich, makes me laugh like Jan Rabson.

David Isaacs, Writer/Producer MASH, Cheers, Frasier

This guy makes me laugh! he also makes me spit, and pay for lunch but I love him and you'd be a sucker not just listen to his shtick!!!

Bob Doucette - Director - The Quest for Zhu

Jan Rabson is one of the actors I’ve worked with!

Al Lowe, Creator of Leisure Suit Larry

Jan is one of our go-to actors.  He consistently brings great humor, energy, and ideas to our sessions... and hilarity ensues!

Kim Adams - Producer, CarsToons / Toy Story Toons, Pixar Animation Studios

Over the years Jan Rabson has written and performed for us on many occasions. It is always a pleasure to have him in our studios – getting him out is the problem.

Dick Orkin - owner/producer - The Radio Ranch

Jan is that priceless combo of being a great actor and great fun to work with. Nothing beats that.

Teresa Ganzel, Actress, Comedienne, and Voice Over Artist

Jan Rabson is a true veteran of the animation voice -over industry.  Always a pleasure to work with, his talent and expertise provides a wide variety of performance bringing us the wacky and funny cartoon characters, as well as the warm and loveable all the way through to the chilling villain.   We are especially delighted with his excellent performance as the wise, mystical sage, Zhu Fu, in the Zhu Zhu movies.

Liz Young - Owner/Producer- Mike Young Productions

I can't think of a better recommendation than 'I've hired him' and then 're-hired him'.  Jan is enormously talented and I look forward to 'hiring him' again.

Ken Levine writer/producer MASH, Cheers, Frasier, Simpsons

Jan Rabson is a talent that I can always count on to make my clients happy...he's fun, smart, quick and crazy creative! I love him because he makes any casting I do better and my client's love him because he makes their jobs come to life!

Mary Lynn Wissner - Owner of Voices Voicecasting, Los Angeles!

Jan is not only a talented character actor for both on camera and voice over, he is one of the funniest guys I know.  His comedy writing is outstanding.  Best of all, he makes the best gin martini I've ever had.  A man of so many talents.

Sandie Schnarr, AVO Talent, Los Angeles Voice Over Agent for my Canadian Celebrity Jan Rabson

Jan Rabson is a very gifted actor with an extremely impressive range, however, it is his attention to the writer’s intentions that make his characters fully dimensional, which is the ultimate goal on an animated project! He’s the only voice-over actor I’ll sleep with.

Cindy Akers, Animation Voice Casting and Direction.

Jan  Rabson Rocks!!Great multiple voiced talent and an asset to any project....he delivers!

Susan Silo, VO Actor/Coach LA

I remember walking in the studio one day hearing a killer BORIS BADENOV - it was Rabson.  I hated him for it.  But seriously folks, I've worked with Jan on many cartoons and it's always a pleasure.  Great characters, acting chops and comedic timing.  

Ian James Corlett, writer/producer BEING IAN

It is with great exuberance and honor, I scribe words endorsing the supremely talented human being named Jan Rabson. I’ve had the pleasure working with Jan on a bunch of animated projects. He made me laugh, he made me cry, he made me realize, he was one funny n talented guy. You’d be lucky to have this man named Jan for your next project. Click HERE to book Jan now. 

Matt Hill, Voice-over actor

Jan is one of the most versatile and talented actors I know. His range is only surpassed by his ability to find the humour and/or pathos in any script. He's a pleasure to work with and I only wish I had more opportunities to do so ... unless I'm mixing him up with this other actor that looks like him.

Tanya K. Taylor, Owner, Vida Spark Productions Inc.

Jan has a voice that can make you laugh or cry, depending on what dress he’s wearing. 

Tony DeSena, Emmy-winning head writer, Sesame Street

jan rabson is a truly outstanding voice actor - and the ONLY voice actor who ever offered to let me come hang out with him on his island!

Jess Harnell, voice actor anaimaniacs, transformers , america's funniest home videos


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